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Transition Projects


School Improvement:

The Arts:

Community Programmes

  • Engaging with Parents
  • Transition Projects
  • Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)
  • Strengthening Partnerships

Skills Development

  • Skills-based programmes – illustration/3D/map making/drawing/ceramics
  • Supports Artsmark applications
  • Accurate transition data and examples of pupil attainment





The project explores the issues of transition from primary to secondary school and is designed to build stronger links between schools, staff and students.

Transition units are created which link the study of art and design in year 5 and 6 to that at the beginning of year 7 and prepare pupils for the move.

Where possible, projects include primary pupils visiting the secondary school site to work in the dedicated art room alongside older students.

Example activities:

Illustrated Maps: Students create illustrated maps of the local area. They are encouraged to think about the new journey they will be taking to secondary school and build up maps of their own lives and the transitions they have made so far.

Emotion Cards: Pupils work on creating large scale emotion placards, with one side holding illustrated images and text relating to their feelings about primary school (a memory, special place/person etc.), and the other side containing positive adjectives relating to their view of secondary school

Migration: Pupils link the concept of moving schools with the migration of birds. They draw birds and make collages of them in flight. These are then transferred onto clay to make individual tiles depicting different birds. The tiles can be brought together to form a large scale display for temporary or permanent display.

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Artist-led workshop sessions in schools – on both primary and secondary school sites
  • An exhibition of the children’s work and celebration event for parents and peers
  • Original artworks – 2D, 3D and ceramics
  • Accurate transition data and examples of pupil attainment in art and design

Outcomes and Impact (taken from a recent programme with 1 secondary and 4 primary schools):

  • Children more familiar with secondary school buildings and facilities and more confident about moving on from primary to secondary school
  • Stronger links made between schools and school staff
  • Raised attainment in art and design
  • More rapid pupil progress in Year 7 due to clear transition data and prior knowledge of pupils and their abilities
  • Inspired teaching and support staff bringing more creative solutions into curriculum delivery


 “I loved all of it! It was a great experience and my first ever time working with a real artist.”          Year 6 pupil

 “I liked being able to do something freely without doing things wrong.” Year 6 pupil

“We were treated as if we were equal to the older students.” Year 6 pupil

“I really enjoyed the workshops and I would love to come to this secondary school!” Year 6 pupil

Project Costs:

From £615 + materials (based on 2 workshop days @ £270 + planning meeting @ £75).

Costs vary dependant on the number schools, class groups and workshop days.


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