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Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Opening Hours: 
RAW Labs, Norton Quays, Royal Albert Wharf, London, E16 2QJ

AfterThought is a mindfulness and well-being event meeting every first Tuesday of the month.

Doors open at 7pm – to begin promptly at half past.

£5 per session (unable to take card payments this month, sorry!). Refreshments provided.

In a world where we are constantly told we could and should 'have it all' if only we just work harder, buy into all the new-fangled products and get our acts together, more and more of us are struggling to juggle those expectations with our own realities – and then life happens.

These monthly meetings have been designed to help you to navigate your own mental and emotional needs, when it's all too easy to neglect them as only an afterthought. It will also aim to empower you with ideas and tools for self-care, signposting you to helpful resources and equipping you to better deal with common psychosocial pitfalls.

Finish by independently reflecting on how your own passions and things that make you feel more fulfilled can be better incorporated into your life with suggested creative responses.

We hope you leave this session feeling more able and confident to prioritise your own holistic health for a happier life balance.

Take time. Mind your well-being. Don't be your own AfterThought.