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Art Market + Newham Word Festival

Sunday, November 12, 2017
Opening Hours: 
11am - 6pm
Norton Quays Royal Albert Wharf Gallions Reach, London, E16 2QJ

Come by and meet 15 local artists selling original works, prints, objects and more! Perfect for early Christmas shopping, this weekend will be the start of a regular art market at RAW Labs. Get to know about Bow Artists and buy their work, meet people from the neighbourhood, and enjoy a hot drink at our waterside spot.

There will be live art performances during the day by Lizzie Masterton and Marianne Murray for Newham Word Festival. Lizzie Masterton will perform ‘Viscid Lip Trip’ which explores the complexities of navigating desire and trauma through ritual, spoken word and sound. Marianne Murray's performance will play with the idea of pop performances, at awards shows and the end of talk shows, and their inherent awkwardness despite high production values. It's informed by queer cabaret but aims to adapt the aesthetics of the boring, confusing, white-washed capitalist end of naff culture. 

We will hold a screening of ‘A Film on Film’, an award-winning short documentary by Davic Mcnulty aka Don Shades about RAW Studio artist Selina Mayer’s creative practice.

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