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Bow Skills: Lab 1 Movement and Line

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Opening Hours: 
The Nunnery, 183 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

The Movement & Line Workshop is completely unique and experimental drawing workshop that reinvigorates life-drawing, by combining drawing exercises with movement exercises. This workshop explores the possibilities generated by approaching drawing as movement first and foremost, as well as the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration. During the session we will work from a clothed model and in collaboration with each other on a series of drawing and movement exercises that will culminate in a large scale group drawing.

The workshop is aimed at all creative practitioners with an interest in the drawn line and their relationship to material, surface, space and movement. No formal movement or dance training is required, just a readiness to explore one’s own physicality with an open mind. This session is about learning new skills in order to challenge old habits, and activities will range from gentle mind-body- centering to more vigorous moving around the space and each other.

The session is facilitated by an artist and a dancer, whose aim is to support individual practice without the pressure of a produced piece or specific outcome. The process of discovery will be the focus as artists are guided through a series of activities including time for self-­reflection, and group discussions.

The workshop will introduce participants to a number of themes from which they will gain:

  • A heightened sense of drawing as an embodied, sensorial experience

  • An increased awareness of the body, its aesthetic form, movement potential and the influence of space on their work

  • A wider repertoire of approaches to drawing and creating work

  • Greater ease in working with other people to produce artwork, and consequently

  • New tools to increase mental and practical disciplines needed for creating artwork

We ask participants to wear loose clothing that are easy to move in, and be comfortable working barefoot. Please be aware that clothes may get messy as we will be using charcoal/chalks/ etc.  All participants must complete the health questions on the registration form to be eligible to take part in the session.

Led By:

Fine Artist Leah Miller-Biot is a graduate of both Glasgow School of Art and the Slade School of Art. She makes abstract and representational drawings and paintings, on stretched canvas, paper and printed fabric. Her work focuses on a sensory and sensual connection that she has with the moment of contact between the material and the surface she’s working with. Her explorations play with boundaries and borderlines, drawing circles around flows between affects and sensations, and the visceral and embodied connections that subjects have with the world around them.

The Movement & Drawing Laboratory started in 2015 growing out of conversations with dancer Jayne Peake, about the parallels in experimental pedagogies of dance and drawing. The Laboratory furthers her interest in the project of painting, the questions that it asks about the relationships between vision and perception, sense and cognition, objects and subjects.

Dancer Jayne Peake likes to challenge the perceptions and definitions of dance. She believes that there is endless movement potential in every human being and loves to support people in discovering their own physicality and creativity. In 2015 she established a Community Dance Collective, NW5 Dance, that aims to create spaces to explore and enjoy movement bringing diverse communities and individuals together. The collaboration with Fine Artist Leah Miller-Biot has grown out of her interest in looking at how movement is felt, observed and reproduced in many different facets of life.

This event is one of two artists' commissions for 2016. They were selected by the Bow Skills artists' steering group following an open call earlier this year. This was for artists to share existing skills from their own practice to generate interesting and innovative sessions for other artists.

There will be a short break in this session to have a snack, please bring something with you.
If you have any access needs, please feel free to call the Bow Arts office to discuss your requirements.
If you are a Bow Artist and booking a discounted ticket, please bring your Bow Arts card with you when attending.

Bow Arts Members Ticket: £5

General Admission Tickets: £7

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Artist: Leah Miller Biot, Canvas
Dancer: Jayne Peake