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Call for an Artist Workshop Facilitator

Monday, May 21, 2018 - 23:00

Plastics, Sustainability, Women-Led Social Activism

Background:  UCL are part of a group of cultural and educational organisations moving into east London. This group, which alongside UCL includes the V&A Museum, Smithsonian Institute, London College of Fashion and Sadler’s Well, are working in partnership to co-deliver an event in east London to celebrate the anniversary of partial women’s suffrage. The event, Vote 100: Open Doors, will take place at Here East on Sunday 22 July. It will be a day of performance, art installations, and exhibitions from the organisations involved.

Bow Arts are collaborating with UCL in their upcoming Raw Materials: Plastics research project and exhibition in 2019, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  The project explores the industrial and social history of the Lower Lea Valley through the lens of materials innovated and exploited along the banks of the River Lea.

Project outline:  UCL and Bow Arts would like to appoint an east London artist or artists to deliver a workshop in June (3 hours long) that explores the issues around plastics, sustainability and women-led activism.

The artist will facilitate a workshop working with researchers and students from the university as well as local campaigners, artists and local communities.  We envisage the artist will deliver a workshop that brings together the voices, experiences and knowledge of all the participants to produce a collaborative artwork.

Output from the workshop: The result of the workshop should lead to a piece of artwork with striking visual impact.  This should be suitable to tour to a number of venues through the year to share this important collaboration for Bow Arts and UCL.  The artist should allow time in the budget to complete the artwork if necessary following the workshop to make it ready for display to public audiences.

The work will be shown at a mass event Vote 100: Open Doors, which will take place at Here East on Sunday 22 July. It will be a day of performance and art installations for over 3000 members of the local communities, both families and adults are welcome. We anticipate that whatever is produced at the workshop is interactive and accessible for audiences to appreciate.  As well as the Vote 100 event, we currently expect that we will show case this piece of work at UCL during the Bloomsbury Festival in October 2018 and potentially at one of Bow Arts studio sites later in the year.

Participants for the workshop: UCL has a number of researchers, students, and campaign groups who focus on the use of plastics, sustainability and the world around us. Using this topic as a lens to look at women-led social justice, we would like to produce an interactive or participatory ‘artwork’ that can be showcased at the Vote 100 event on 22 July 2018.

The work will act as a tool to facilitate discussion between all the workshop participants and the local audiences attending the event and shape the conversation around these dual issues of women-led activism and sustainability.

UCL will recruit the staff, students and local campaigners, Bow Arts will publicise the workshop to local audiences and artists to take part.

To respond:

Please email a brief proposal for a workshop inspired by your practice that answers the following questions:

  • Session outline (in 200-500 words)
  • Any links to relevant works, experience & visual stimuli to support your application
  • Required materials / tables / chairs / equipment
  • Outcome for participants
  • Output (a made object or non-tangible result to share at Women 100 & Bloomsbury Festival)
  • A budget breakdown (including artist fee and materials)

Budget:           £1200

Deadline for proposals 21 May 2018 send to (Subject line: Plastics Workshop)

Interview date (if required) 28 May 2018

Decision 28 May 2018

The workshop will be on Wednesday 20 June - 5pm-8pm at Bow Arts (either inside or outside spaces are available) – please ensure you are available to deliver on this date.

If you have any questions please email

Vote 100: Open Doors

This is an all-day event planned and delivered in partnership with the Cultural Educational District partners (UCL, Sadler’s Wells, Smithsonian Institute, London College of Fashion, V&A Museum). The event is free to attend and will be drop-in, it is anticipating around 3,000 visitors over the course of the day (12pm – 6pm).

Project contacts:

Briony Fleming - Public Engagement Coordinator (East) University College London

Lizzy Baddeley – Public Engagement for University College London

Rosamond Murdoch - Nunnery Gallery Director for Bow Arts

Wednesday, May 2, 2018