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Seminar: Responding to a Brief

Monday, September 19, 2016
Opening Hours: 
6.30 - 9.30pm
Bow Arts Courtyard 183 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

Being an artist is about being organized so you can: write proposals, create budgets, avoid compromising vision by sourcing genius solutions to health and safety concerns, and negotiate different management styles.

Julia Vogl, will walk through practical tips you can apply immediately through an immersive workshop that folds your personal experience into her case studies. Vogl will address subjects in detail from the application process, tips on putting together a budget, to how to manage a commission- no matter how small or large- once you have won it. She will ensure you know what it takes so that you can see your proposed vision through while sticking to budget and maintaining good relationships with your team.

This session will include:

- Proposal writing, responding to a brief with clarity and efficiency
- Proposal writing for an educational commission, dos and don'ts
- Budget writing and management, working on large and small budgets
- Project management, including how to have a difficult phone call with a stranger involved in the project to creating your own boundaries and responsibilities

Michael Smythe, Studios Project Manager will be on hand to contribute his experience of setting briefs and selecting applicants for public art and education commissions.

More about Julia Vogl:

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Concessions Rates(Bow Arts Artists): £6

General Admission: £12

There will be a short break in this session to have a snack, please bring something with you.

If you have any access needs, please feel free to call the Bow Arts office to discuss your requirements.

If you are a Bow Artist and booking a discounted ticket, please bring your pink Bow Arts card with you when attending. You know you are a Bow Artist if you have a pink card – please call the office with any questions.