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Film, Photography and Animation


Animation and Film:

  • Students form a production company, working with a professional film-maker or animator to create an original stop-motion animation or short film
  • Animations or films can be linked to any topic, theme or event, providing a creative way of delivering curriculum content whilst producing a teaching resource for future years
  • Example topics include:
  • Local Area / Local History
  • Humanities topics
  • Key English texts
  • Scientific processes
  • Students develop their literacy skills through the creation and performance of an original script
  • Students create the set, props or content, working in a range of media


Students learn a range of photography skills and techniques and apply these to one or more of the following genres: portraiture; photo-montage; landscape and architecture; narrative; documentary; fashion; reportage; still life; street.

Students use a range of ICT equipment to capture, edit, and share their animation, film, or photographic work. Students could work towards producing an animated or film-based school prospectus or produce promotional photographs for the school prospectus or website

School Improvement:

Curriculum Programmes

  • Creative Literacy
  • Art and Design programme of study
  • Deliver cross-curricular projects
  • Supports ICT

The Arts:

Skills Development | Qualifications

  • Skills-based programmes – animation / film / drawing / collage / 3D / photography
  • Option to accredit through Arts Award qualifications

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Artist-led workshop sessions in school
  • Original devised script, in response to your chosen topic or theme
  • Short animation or film – a creative project and ongoing teaching resource for future years
  • Screening event for parents and celebration assembly for peers
  • High quality photographic prints
  • DVD or memory stick of the film for each participant as a record of the project

Outcomes and Impact (taken from an animation project):

  • 100% of students learned new skills, and reported an increase in knowledge
  • Raised attainment: English (writing, speaking and listening); ICT; Art and Design
  • Increased confidence and improved teamwork and collaboration
  • The production team developed their leadership and communication skills as they facilitated their classmates to create the necessary set and props


"Students worked in teams and fully participated, using creative film-making techniques to record and express their story."  Lead Artist

“The students developed their ideas, produced artwork and an interesting animation, recorded sound and gained an understanding of how it is all put together.” Lead Artist

“I can now tell a story using images, and use a camera in a professional manner. I have learnt how much work goes into each image.”  Year 10 Student

“I have learnt that photography is a new hobby of mine!”  Year 10 Student

Project Costs:

From £885 + materials (based on six workshop sessions @ £135 + planning meeting @ £75)

Costs vary dependent on the number of groups, length of film, and number of workshop days.

If you are interested in finding out more about our film, animation, and photography projects, get in touch at