We provide creatives, designers and makers with affordable housing, ensuring that artists have the opportunity to create alongside access to affordable homes within an inspiring community.

This guardianship accommodation recognises the need and importance of affordable housing options for artists and the wider community. A portion of the rental income is used to support cultural enterprises by our artists that provide events for the community, employment opportunities and other benefits.

What the artists say

Hear from the artists themselves in this documentary by Channel 4, based on our housing project at Balfron Tower. The first ever scheme in the UK between the studio sector and a social landlord.


Are flats furnished/unfurnished?

The flats come completely unfurnished and you will need to supply your own white goods.

Are bills included?

The monthly cost is excluding utilities and council tax.

Can I decorate the flat?

Yes, you have freedom to decorate the flat and make it your own space. If and when leaving the flat you will need to make sure it is cleared of all personal belongings and is left and a clean and presentable state.

How does the contract work? 

The contract works on a guardianship basis and is a 30 day rolling agreement. You will need to provide 28 days notice if vacating and we will give you 28 days notice if you are required to leave.

Will I need to pay a deposit?

The deposit is one months rent and is refundable at the end of the contract if all terms are met.

Can I share with someone else and do they need to be a practising artist? 

Yes, any sharers will add £50 to the monthly cost. The sharer does not necessarily need to be a practising artist.

Adelaide Damoah looks at the camera, they wear a black hat and a black shirt

“Having affordable housing in close proximity to my studio with Bow Arts has changed my life in ways that I could not have imagined before coming here in 2019. Moving here after 15 years of art practice has given me the space and peace of mind to make much bigger work and to spend a lot more time in the studio due to drastically reduced commuting time and costs.

My work is thriving and I have produced more work in the last three years than I have ever made in similar time periods throughout my career. My space is not only affordable, but it is also comfortable and rather beautiful, with a growing warm and thriving community. Everything around me inspires and uplifts me to be the best artist I can be. I feel very lucky every day to have found this special place and am so grateful for it. I wish all artists could have access to such facilities.”

Adelaide Damoah

Featured housing site

We provide low-cost housing for artists and creative practitioners in Thamesmead, in partnership with Peabody Housing Trust. These guardianship flats are found in the iconic 1960s Thamesmead tower blocks. These spacious flats offer an amazing affordable opportunity for artists, designers and makers.

The residents live and work locally running exciting projects in connection with our thriving cultural hub, the Lakeside Centre, which has a busy calendar of cultural and education events including local school activities with bespoke, artist-led projects, kid’s art club, markets, local film screenings and much more.

The reception room of a flat with a rug, bike and hammock
Families follow Charlie Tymms Dinosaur at Royal Albert Wharf

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We provide artists with affordable workspaces, bringing together fellow creatives and providing them with plenty of opportunities for growth and development.