Learning FAQs

What are your current fees? 

State school fees

Planning Meeting: £79.05
Full Day Workshop: £284.60
Half Day Workshop: £142.30

At least 20% of project costs are subsidised by donations from our studio artists. 

Are workshop materials included and how are they ordered?

Costs of materials are not included in the workshop fees. A budget for material spend will be set during the project planning meeting. 

We are happy to use any materials that the school already has. Generally, the project artist and Bow Arts will be responsible for ordering any additional resources needed for the project, but schools can also order materials for projects. 

Where do you work? 

We are based in East London but work with schools across London.

Where do workshops take place?

Workshops typically take place at the school or venue of the organising party. However, we offer artist studio and gallery visits as part of our programme, which can be followed by a practical workshop onsite, depending on the size of the group. Find out more about studio and gallery visits here.

How are projects planned?

Bow Arts takes a collaborative approach to designing and planning school workshops. The school, artist and Bow Arts project manager will work together to plan a project that meets the aims of the school and the needs of the students. 

Every workshop is bespoke. Find out how we can work together on our Design your own project page.

How long does it take to plan a project? 

We need at least half a term to plan a project. 

Does a member of school staff need to be present during Bow Arts workshops?

Yes, we ask that a member of school staff is present at all times during Bow Arts workshops; this is a mandatory condition of our Safeguarding Policy. Bow Arts artists are not responsible for discipline during workshops, this remains with school staff.