Students stands in a decorated structure with an artist educator

Specialist settings

Our projects are tailored to the needs of your students, and led by artists with expertise in a variety of settings, including but not limited to special schools, alternative provisions and identified groups in mainstream schools. 

Creativity, life skills and team working

Our projects develop creativity, life skills, team working and communication. We use multi-sensory and exploratory approaches to engage and inspire students. Sessions can be curriculum-focused, enrichment-focused or work-related and can explore specific skills, techniques or topics. 

“I’ve been working with this class for three years but I’ve not seen that level of focus and creativeness from them before. It’s been nice to see how calm the sessions are, and how long my students have been able to sit and enjoy the activity for.”

Class teacher

Explore our projects

On each of our project pages you’ll find examples which illustrate how our offer can be tailored to different educational environments and to suit the needs of each student. 

Design your
own project

We tailor our projects to meet the aims and desires of your school. Our artist educators and project managers collaborate with your school to plan the project and tailor it to your education setting.

Past projects