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Exhibitions, Studios, News, Nunnery / 9th January 2020

Over the past few months, Javi Cazenave's work is the second exhibition in a new series of shows at our Nunnery Café which showcases affordable works of art from Bow Arts artists. Read more

News / 26th November 2019

In May 2019 I first made my way through those big grey gates off Bow Road and  entered the doors of Bow Arts Trust, unaware at the time that this would be an experience that would shape a part of me. Read more

Event, News, Nunnery, Sustainability / 1st November 2019

On Thursday 14 November, composer, pianist, ClimateKeys founder and Extinction Rebellion (XR) arts activist Lola Perrin will be hosting an evening of conversation about the current issues Read more

Event, News, Projects / 28th October 2019

The Space Between is an exploration of words, active listening and conversation taking place over a period of a year. Read more

Event, News, Projects / 28th October 2019

Bow Arts artist Bhajan Hunjan will be working with Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg from October 2019. Read more