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Artist Spotlight: Marina Gonzalez

Submitted by Studios on Tue, 21/02/2017 - 11:34

Marina Gonzalez is an artist who holds a studio at our IceHouse Court Site in Barking. Born in Seville (Spain), she moved to London in 2012 to continue her professional development after completing her Degrees in both Fine Arts (University of Seville) and Advertisement and Public Relations (University of Cadiz, 2011). Throughout her career she has worked in the perfor­mance area, video, photography, sculpture, paint­ing and she has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Spain and Brussels.

Marina Gonzalez focuses her interest on the consciousness treatment through the creation of artistic stimulus, which motivates different physiological mechanisms of perception. Her latest mixed media abstract composition, where she uses paint and collage on canvas, is the connectivity way between the sensitive reality and cognitive response.

Daram 99

90cm x 90cm -- 35.4in x 35.4in -- Mixed Techniques


Since relocating to Barking she has gone from strength to strength and has now set up her studio space in an incredibly innovative way. She uses her studio to make work, teach art, and display work in a gallery setting. This idea of designing an easily transformable space is one of the ways that artists in London can ensure that their practice is affordable, but this also means that she can share her skills with the local community, and display her work on a regular basis.

IceHouse Court studios are perfect for this design, as the spaces are all on the ground floor, with floor to ceiling windows which make it relatively easy to create a display of art work. Marina holds painting and drawing workshops twice a week in her space and can accommodate all age groups. This approach towards engaging the local community is something that is essential in demystifying the career of the artist, and is an important catalyst in propelling the younger generations into the creative arts.

Marina has her work for sale, and still has spaces left in her workshop sessions. Please visit her website for more information and contact.


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