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Open Studios: Artist Spotlight, Eigil Nordstrøm

Submitted by Studios on Wed, 08/06/2016 - 15:40

Current work in progress, Eigil Nordstrom, 2016

Open Studios at Bow Road is Bow Art's largest annual event with over 100 artists presenting their studios to the public. It is a great opportunity to delve deeper into the lives and works of our studio holders.

Eigil Nordstrøm is a painter in our Bow Road Studios. Often seen preparing his canvas' in the courtyard, Eigil has been working with a new variety of studio materials in the run up to the open.

In the open studios coming up I will be displaying, amongst other things, a work in progress. Having played around with boxes made from found bits of wood and making paintings from the movement of light in their interior, I'm now working from a structure built using all the dirty rags that have piled up in the studio from wiping my brushes. The surface of the old rags and the untreated wooden frame on which they are suspended, are both mirrored in the rough canvases primed with rabbit skin glue, crudely stretched onto simple wooden frames. The paintings enter into dialogue with the hanging sculptural object, whilst also dabbling with the tradition of trompe l'oeil painting. In the process of painting from observation, random marks of paint that were once wiped onto the weave of the rags are studied in detail and "re-presented" in fine brushwork and subtle modeling. Closely observed yet at times surprisingly abstract, the works look to evoke an ambiguous sensation of space, playing both with the suggestion of light and the flatness of paint applied to a surface. The process of making this work is currently throwing up a lot of interesting questions on subtle relationships between sculpture and painting, representation and abstraction, the observed and the invented; I shall be looking forward to getting some feedback on it soon! 


In Eigil's studio, B2-1, Bow Road

Eigil currently has a solo show on at the the Norwegian Church that runs up until the 25th June 2016. Eigil exhibits a series of 'evocations of light drawn from memories of the mountain ranges around the family cabin in Norway. Perhaps fitting in these times of Peder Balke at National Gallery, Nicolai Astrup at Dulwich Picture gallery, and Scandinavian mentality on BBC4, the works play with notions of Norwegian national romantic beauty and the yearning for nature often expressed by the scandinavian diaspora.' The exhibition forms part of a Scandinavian Art Trail in Albion Street, and will coincide with the Norwegian national day as well as midsummers day.

Opening times
Mon - Fri 12pm - 5pm
Sat 12pm - 4pm
Sun 10pm - 4pm

Exhibition dates
13th May - 25th June

1. St. Olav Square
Albion Street, Rotherhithe

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Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds, Studios Administrator