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Open Studios: Artist Spotlight, Leah Miller-Biot

Submitted by Studios on Wed, 15/06/2016 - 10:51

Leah Miller-Biot is a studio holder at Bow Road and recently put on a solo exhibition, ‘OH' at our PSW- Project Space.


My most recent work  was a series of paintings, sculptures and poems made for an exhibition at PSW Rum Factory in May titled ‘OH'. As the show’s title suggested the work circles around form and expression, be that bodily, linguistic or emotional. These forms and expressions slip between mediums and materials, with sculptural, painterly and poetic works feeding into one another through repeating motifs, marks and metaphors. My work has a distinctly feminist undertone, gender and desire are themes that leak through from the poetry and into the paintings and sculptures through an interweaving of fantasy and autobiography, abstraction and figuration. The resulting body of work conveys the sense of an artist dealing with how a changing and sometimes unhinging subject, neither fully fictional nor completely real, might ground itself in the world whilst refusing the constrictions the world imposes upon it.

For the open day Leah will be showing some of the paintings and sculptures that were in the show. Click here to read in full about the Bow Road Open Studios.



Leah Miller-Biot


Bow Road Studios, D1-8A


Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds, Studios Administrator