A student draws a clock tower

Bexley Cultural Map

Skill development

Drawing our community: Young people in Bexley created a cultural map of their area in collaboration with Bow Arts with support from Creative Bexley, Bexley’s Local Cultural Education Partnership.

Artist educator, Tom Berry, worked with Year 6 at Belmont Primary and Year 7 at King Henry School. A second artist educator, Maisie Maris, facilitated the project with Year 5 at Upton Primary and Year 7 at Townley Grammar School.  

Throughout Spring 2022 the students participated in a series of class-based workshops  involving the young people exploring the local area, before working with the artists to investigate different drawing techniques. The students covered many attractions, including buildings, nature and food spots. 

The project developed drawing skills for children and their teachers and raised awareness of the cultural offer in the local area.  

Bexley is full of amazing cultural spaces and activities for young people to take part in. We hope that the map will continue to evolve over time, and we can work with young people to add new points of interest!