Highlight: Teacher CPD Training at Bow Arts

Teacher CPD

Bow Arts supports teachers with creative workshops to learn new skills and continue their professional development. Explore past projects and follow our coming seasons of CPD sessions.

Over 5 years ago, Bow Arts launched our programme of Teacher CPD training. From cameraless photography to introductions to Jesmonite and DIY screen printing, the workshops Bow Arts runs are opportunities for teachers to continue their professional development in a learning environment that supports their growth.

Developed and led by Bow Arts Artist Educators, CPD sessions equip teachers with a range of creative approaches to bring to classrooms. Across our public programme and bespoke workshops run within schools, our sessions reach over 500 teachers per year. 

Conscious of classroom constraints, the sessions encourage teachers to expand their options for using the tools and resources already available to them. With a focus on suggesting new ways of using sustainable, household, and inexpensive, easy-to-access art materials, each workshop passes on techniques that reduce waste and inspire using–and re-using–objects creatively.  

CPDs also build-in how to link these new skills to other areas of the curriculum. The sessions consider the benefits of integrating art into other subject areas. By embedding cross-curricular links in schools, we believe in fostering a creative curriculum and a creative culture, engaging students in alternative ways.

Past CPD

A washing line of blue cyanotype prints.

In 2023, Sara Heywood led a CPD on cyanotype printing, a process that uses sunlight and the inherent photosensitive properties of plants to produce images. Drawing on the arts and the sciences, Sara’s workshop produced beautiful and interesting cyanotypes and was a great example of a cross-curricular session. 

As part of the latest Spring Season of CPDs, Artist Educator Julie Vermeille delivered an excellent book-binding workshop. Julie guided 15 teachers through a variety of methods for putting books together, with tips on how to engage pupils across age groups. Every participant went home with a finished booklet. 

Coming up

We are currently working on announcing our next Teacher CPD season, with sessions coming from September onwards.

Interested in our Teacher CPD programme? Find out more and book your tickets here.