A blurred artist works on a photography installation

Yang-En Hume

Using installation and cyanotype photography Yang-En Hume highlights the unseen and the obscured.

Studio holder at our Canada Street studio site Yang-En Hume makes use of fabric, found objects and camera-less photography.

“I am an Australian-Singaporean artist based in London, working mainly with installation and cyanotype photography.  

I collect photographs of anonymous women from flea markets and use these photos to create cyanotypes and fabric installations. Through a process of digital printing, layering and stitching together I use found photos to create fragmented, obscured imagery.  Fabric, embroidery and portraits of women take up space in my work, highlighting the unseen labour of women and paying homage to the often overlooked domestic crafts. I want to invite the audience to question why certain stories and objects are memorialised in museums while others are discarded.”

Yang-En Hume

“My current studio experiments have involved mining my personal archive of family photographs and playing with batik fabric from Singapore. I don’t have a clear direction yet for these new ideas – but I am interested in exploring shifting, unstable cultural identities. I think I am trying to give a voice to the experience of immigration, colonial occupation and the embodied experience of an ambiguous cultural identity.” 

Yang-En Hume

Check out her website, www.yang-enhume.com and Instagram