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What's On

4th February 2018 to 1st July 2018

Come along and join us with weekly yoga classes by  Read more

15th April 2018 to 8th June 2018

East London is full of inspiring stories. Read more

18th April 2018 to 24th June 2018

Raw Materials traces the forgotten industrial history of east London along the River Lea, supported by The National Lottery with funds awarded thro Read more

5th May 2018 to 25th August 2018

A creative program with artist-educator Maisie Maris offering the opportunity to learn innovative making skills, craft stories and explore th Read more

15th May 2018 to 28th August 2018

Join us for our weekly yoga session with Siodhna. Read more

24th May 2018

P1 Studios is opening its doors in May for you to explore some of the exciting work being made in the heart of Bow. Read more

25th May 2018

The night will be a great chance to meet other creative individuals, discuss, perform, showcase and experiment new works. Read more

26th May 2018

A creative and fun afternoon for families with children (aged 5+) to explore textiles with artist-duo Kaleidoworks. Read more

27th May 2018

Colouring in Place is a natural dye and quilting event, inviting people to help make a map of the plants and trees they appreciate in east London w Read more

31st May 2018

The River Lea has been a long-standing location of innovation for the textile industry, from the early patent of madder printing in the 17th Read more