A barn like space in a gallery with hay bales, has a film still of a person holding a dog
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Biennial Visions in the Nunnery announces artists

Biennial moving image showcase Visions in the Nunnery to present new work by Patrick Goddard, acclaimed film duo Webb-Ellis and 42 artists from across the globe 

Visions in the Nunnery – the Nunnery Gallery’s biennial festival of film – is this year led by invited artists Patrick Goddard and film duo Webb-Ellis, who will show work alongside 42 artists hailing from 20 different countries across the globe, including China, Finland, Iran, Singapore and Ukraine. The works have been selected by Goddard and Webb-Ellis from the international open call, which this year drew 448 submissions from 48 countries. Not to be missed, Visions gives viewers the unique experience of a curated conversation of filmmakers from across the world.  

Patrick Goddard’s Programme 1 will see the gallery transformed into one of the artist’s characteristic immersive installations, drawing on themes of the English garden, nostalgia, ecology, pets and abandonment. The installation will not only house Goddard’s new film but also 20 other artists’ works, in a curious journey of nightmarish sound and discovery through sheds, grass and rotting wood. 2020 FLAMIN award winner Goddard will show a new film, a continuation of his celebrated previous work Animal Antics.  

Webb-Ellis’s Programme 2 presents the London premiere of their new film This place is a message, in which they uniquely collaborate with young people from Gravesend to co-create an imaginary world and alternative environment for learning. Using methods of philosophical enquiry, radical listening, dance, drawing and singing, the artists and young people worked together to weave a fractured narrative which forms the basis of the film, first shown at the 2022 Whitstable Biennale. Showing in the Nunnery’s cinema-screen set-up alongside the evocative banners the young people made during the film, 22 other artists’ works will draw on themes of youth, memory, future worlds and the elements. 

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In a true celebration of film from artists at all stages of their career, the exhibition will be accompanied by an events programme including live performance, Q&As, and screenings of student films from the Royal College of Art and University of East London. All programme films will also be available online for the duration of the exhibition on Bow Arts’ YouTube channel.  

Programme 1 Exhibiting Artists: Jan Adamove; Tom Bull; Brit Bunkley; Alessia Cecchet; Katia Sophia Ditzler; Theo Ellison; Ben Fox; Richard Haley; Wendy Kirkup; Edwin Miles; El Morgan; Rebecca Moss; Jeremy Newman; Toby Parker Rees; Claudio Pestana; George Stamenov; Patrick Tarrant; Hong Yane Wang; Dillon Ward; Jack Williams. 

Programme 2 Exhibiting Artists: Amrita Chandradas; Andrew Demirjian; Tessa Garland; Michael Gurhy; Dan Guthrie; Sarah Lasley; Robin Leverton; Olana Light; Stuart Moore; Yannick Mosimann; Simon Olmetti; Bella Riza; Niyaz Saghari; Zara Sands; Annelore Schneider; Maxima Smith; Vilma Tihilä; Enni-Kukka Tuomala; Janelle VanderKelen; Sam Williams; Yuetong Yang; Madalina Zaharia. 

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