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Murals and Mosaics


School Improvement:

The Arts:

Curriculum Programmes

  • Cross-curricular learning – supporting English, Maths, Art
  • Applied learning on a live project
  • Links to creative curriculum/topics
  • Learning Outside the Classroom – using the school grounds as a learning environment

Skills Development | Arts Enrichment

  • Skills development – research, design, painting/mosaic techniques
  • Improving the school environment – temporary or permanent artworks
  • Developing pupils’ pride and ownership over their school environment



Projects start with a brainstorming session to develop ideas for the piece (often linked to a particular topic or event). Pupils research the topic and the work of artists before refining their designs, either selecting one idea, or incorporating elements from a number. These then lead to either hands-on practical workshops to realise the designs alongside a professional artist, or commissioning the artist to create a professional finished work.

Example projects:

Story Books – e.g. Puff the Magic Dragon, Hungry Caterpillar, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Our School – celebration of the school and it’s characteristics, school crests, logos or welcome signs

Environments – underwater, forest, farmyards, the moon, landmarks etc.

World Map – including animals and significant landmarks

Literacy and Numeracy – Alphabet or number walls, creative writing or poetry

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Planning, research and design sessions
  • Artist-led practical workshop sessions
  • High quality mural or mosaic installed in the school groundS
  • Launch / opening event for parents, peers and the wider community

Outcomes and Impact  (taken from a recent outdoor project):

  • Raised attainment: 100% of pupils demonstrated an increase in skills, knowledge and/or understanding as a result of the project
  • Developed teamwork skills – worked cooperatively, sharing resources
  • Teachers reported feeling more confident to use artistic techniques in their teaching
  • Working outside allowed for the other staff and pupils at school to interact with the process and finished artwork


“Children who usually struggle with large-scale drawing increased these skills.” Class Teacher

“The children have been chatting enthusiastically about the different parts of the mural and have begun making up their own stories. It has provided an excellent tool for the development in story-telling and descriptive language, as well as really feeding the imagination.” Class Teacher

“The children have a sense of pride that they have been involved in changing their own playground.” Deputy Head Teacher

“We would recommend the Bow Arts without hesitation.”  Deputy Head Teacher


Project Costs:

From £1,425 + materials (based on 5 workshop days @ £270 per day + planning meeting @ £75)

Costs vary dependant on the number of class groups, workshop days and size of the commission


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