Poplar Consortium 2024

Consortia model

Read about the inspiring exhibition celebrating the ninth year of our Poplar Consortium. 

Photo Credits: Madeleine Waller

During 2023-24 Poplar Consortium, Bow Arts collaborated with six primary schools across Tower Hamlets, bringing artist educators into their schools. By co-designing creative sessions for pupils and teacher CPD opportunities, we have reached over 500 children and 20 teachers so far. 

The partnership is continuing with more workshops and teacher CPD sessions coming up in the summer term. 

On the celebration day, 90 pupils from the participating schools visited the celebration at Poplar Union to enjoy their artworks and draw inspiration from those made by pupils at fellow schools. 

‘The best part was looking at everyone’s creations’


Woven pieces draping from willow branch sculptures, collage work, drawings and cyanotypes made by pupils and teachers decorated the exhibition space, curated by artist Liane Harris.  

‘The exhibition was beautiful, curious, fun!’


Bow Arts Artist Educator Tom Berry guided the pupils in groups through a series of activities exploring pattern-making and negative space, leading up to a colourful collaborative drawing created by the children on large windows facing Bartlett Park. 

‘Very fun and exciting to see the art’


The 2024 Poplar Celebration exhibition is open to the public to view until 16 April, 10 – 4PM, Poplar Union, E14 6TL. 

Discover more about our Consortia offers here: Consortia model – Bow Arts 

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