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Leyton High Road Open Studios 

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Saturday 13th July 2024 , 10:00am to 3:00pm

Join the artists working every day at Leyton High Road for a spectacular artist-led Open Studios! Meet the creatives inside the studios, explore the work on display, and see what’s in store as part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail.

Credit: Bethany Parkinson

Across two days, 18 artist studios inside Leyton High Road will be open to the public for Bow Arts’ upcoming open studios. Featuring the work of the painters, framers, photographers and sculptors, working in Leytonstone, the occasion offers a unique opportunity to connect with talented artists and experience their work up close. 

The studios will be open to the public on Friday 12th July & Saturday 13th July.

Beyond the open studios, artists will be showcasing their work across the week. From Saturday 6th July to Sunday 14th July, the studios will be participating in The Leytonstone Arts Trail, a celebrated community-led festival that transforms Leytonstone and the surrounding areas into a vibrant art festival. 

Check back for more information on artist-led workshops running across the week.


Melina Merlin, Flora Bradwell, Fearon Gold, Elicia McKenzie, Natasha Awuku, Ruth Schryber, Isobel Atacus, Ellen Sampson, Eiros, Duncan Poulton, Iella, Lee Milne, Andrew Olley, Dominika Prinz, Emma Brassington, Haydn Albrow.  


Workshop: Graffiti with Miguel Lobo

Join Leyton artist Miguel Lobo for a brief history of graffiti in this workshop with Leytonstone Arts Trail. Pick up some basic techniques, and get a chance to practice with excercises on the wall.

Meet The Artists


Maltese visual artist and designer based in London, UK. Iella started drawing as a teenager, switching from Biomedical science to Art History at University of Malta, followed by an MA in Communication Design at Kingston. She started her professional career as a designer for Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers Theatrical before leaving to pursue a freelance career in 2023, focusing on drawing-based fine art practice, graffiti and traditional etching. Iella‘s work is influenced by 90s animation, video games, bird and nature. Most of her work is figurative and illustrative, often exploring themes of fantasy, climate change, existentialism and personal experiences.

Duncan Poulton

Duncan is an artist that makes video, print and installation using found materials. His practice is fed by an obsessive gathering of online content into a vast digital archive, which he recombines into still and moving image collages. Born out of remix, DIY and British folk art approaches, his digital works aim to provoke the same disorientating, intense experience the web creates in us every day. He makes work instinctively, in the gap between the unconscious and conscious, between the algorithm and my flawed human brain. He says he’s a hoarder, selector and combiner using the internet as his palette and imagination.

Fearon Gold

Fearon Gold in an artist working in oil paint. exploring the changes in time in nature, cities and within.

Lee Milne

Lee’s practice addresses some of the everyday interactions to be found in lived space and landscapes. Constructed imagery, wonky documentation and phoney contraptions seek to communicate absent and forgotten narratives and test unmethodical approaches to record keeping.

Dominika Prinz

Dominika is an artist from the Czech Republic, using painting, drawing and clay to create semi-autobiographical works with a magical reference.

Andrew Olley

Andrew Olley is a visual artist and experimental musician/sound artist.
His work is particularly focussed on seeing or hearing the unseen within landscape, and the coincidences, affects and collisions between human and environment. He works across media, but is drawn to the process and specific qualities afforded by photo/mechanical/chemical image making and analog sound generation, and how these technologies can be combined with digital processes and dissemination.

Isobel Atacus

Isobel Atacus works across sculpture, installation and writing. Her practice is highly physical, crossing between a very abstract grappling with matter and a more poetic and playful engagement with language, yet always drawing on place as a source of meaning. Through an interest in the materiality of landscape, Atacus questions our interactions with the natural world; in particular, to explore the various streams of information available to us, and how they might be mediated, interrupted or re- directed in some way. Through this she produces talismanic like objects that look towards new future possibilities.

Emma Brassington

Emma is a painter and works from observations. They use paint to quickly jot and record. Influenced by their background in anthropology, they like to talk to people and learn about their communities whilst painting.

Ellen Sampson

Ellen Sampson is an artist and material culture researcher whose work draws upon phenomenology and psychoanalytic theory to explore the relationships between bodies, and garments, both in museums and archives, and in everyday life. Her work uses film, photography, and writing to explore agency of objects, our entanglements with them and the power of bodily trace. Ellen is a Research Fellow at Northumbria School of Design. She was previously Curatorial Fellow at Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Professorial Fellow at UCA. Her book Worn: Footwear Attachment and the Affects of Wear was published by Bloomsbury in 2020.

Haydn Albrow

Haydn Albrow is a London based artist whose practice explores tangible and textural works spanning across multiple platforms including sculpture, installations, poetry and sound. Her work is inspired by dreams, language and the ways in which we interpret the two. Using reoccurring motifs throughout her work such as teeth and the body, Albrow’s practice straddles the grotesque and humorous.

Flora Bradwell

Flora Bradwell’s generously grotesque practice encompasses painting, sculpture, performance and installation. Flora completed her MFA in Painting at The Slade School of Fine Art in 2021, receiving the Felix Slade Award, The Jeanne Szego Prize and Sarabande Emerging Artist Bursary while there. In 2023 Flora received the Gilbert Bayes Award and a-n Artist Bursary. Flora’s work has recently been exhibited at The Royal Society of Sculptors, Matt’s Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, Wakefield Art House, Liminal Gallery and Future DMND in LA. Selected residencies include Vincent VanGogh Huis, Zundert Elephant Lab, London, Cyprus College of Art, Paphos, and SIM, Reykjavik.

Ruth Schryber

Ruth Schryber is an artist specialising in painting and drawing. She is also a PhD student at Birkbeck College, University of London, and has been working on her practice-based study “How Artists Work”.

Melina Merlin

As a social justice activist and artist, Melina’s practice is rooted in reconfiguring power structures; they collect, deconstruct and reimagine life to build narrative painted drawings.

Orlando Frames

Orlando Frames, is a one-woman, independent picture framers based in Leyton Bow Arts Studios and realises a lifelong dream of artist and interior designer, Harriet Jones, to become a framer. Motivated by creativity,  craftsmanship and collaboration, Harriet delights in the sense of satisfaction her clients feel when they receive their framed artworks!


Eiros is a contemporary artist known for his ability to blend natural and technological elements in his abstract works. He uses recycled materials and a vibrant palette of colors to create pieces that invite reflection on the relationship between nature and modernity.

Natasha Awuku

Natasha Awuku is a multi-disciplinary artist using the mediums of art and music.  Her paintings express a reverence for nature and the surreal. Using a combination of acrylic and spray paint, Natasha’s artworks are created on both canvas and street walls.

Elicia McKenzie

Elicia is a visual artist from East London who specialises in mixed media, oil paint, Indian ink, and charcoal. She creates original and commissioned artwork that can be either representational or abstract, focusing on capturing beauty, honouring icons, and highlighting the underrepresented in elite industries. Her inspiration in style comes from Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein and portraiture artist Jonathan Yeo. Elicia’s practise has included commissioned art for private and public sectors, BAFTA events and film. Elicia has managed art projects for clients such as the London City Hall and Arts agency Disrupts Space.

452 High Road
London, E10 6QE

Access information  

Leyton High Road has step-free access throughout from street level, including to the accessible toilet, and is service animal friendly. This venue does not have a hearing loop system.  

Accessible parking is currently available, and if required please contact our studios team for more information via property@bowarts.com

If you have any questions regarding accessibility at this venue or event, would like to make us aware of any access requirements that you have in advance of visiting, or would like this information in an alternate format including Easy Read, please call 020 8980 7774 (Ext. 3).

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452 High Road, Leyton, E10 6QE
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