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PlayGround is an interactive, participant-led project that encourages play, collaboration and learning by doing. Developed by Bow Arts Learning and Dutch architecture and theatre collective, TAAT, PlayGround consists of 350 hexagonal wooden building discs, and a set of basic instructions. The project enables students, teachers, parents and artists to work together to construct unique large-scale installations. Watch a three-minute trailer about the project at

Beyond the introductory workshop, PlayGround is a versatile tool which has the potential to connect to different themes, topics or subject areas. For example, PlayGround could be used to support:

  • Design and technology – exploring construction, materials and creative, practical and technical expertise
  • Philosophy for Children (P4C) – using PlayGround to explore philosophical concepts
  • Family learning – informal play and learning sessions for parents and their children to explore together
  • Art and Design – as a sculptural raw material
  • Supporting literacy - developing a narrative, set or learning environment
  • Supporting maths – exploring 2D and 3D shapes, tessellation

School Improvement:

Curriculum Programme | Staff Development

  • Cross-curricular learning
  • Discovery learning and Growth Mindset
  • Targeted interventions
  • Team-building and community cohesion
  • Staff training opportunities

The Arts:

Skills Development | Arts Enrichment

  • Skills based development – sculpture; architecture; installation
  • Designing through making
  • Working large-scale

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Initial PlayGround workshop – to introduce you to the basics of the project
  • PlayGround residencies – longer programmes tailored to your schools’ needs and priorities. This can be a combination of facilitated and self-directed workshops and activity.
  • Staff meeting / INSETS – team-building, skills-development
  • Family learning workshops

Outcomes and Impact:

Teachers tell us that PlayGround:

  • blurs the line between playing and learning
  • is applicable to a range of subject areas and age groups
  • supports creative risk-taking and enquiry through its open-ended approach
  • enables pupils to learn practical skills in architecture, engineering and construction
  • provides a chance for pupils and teachers to reflect on their role within a group setting
  • nurtures Growth Mindset through its trial and error approach
  • develops skills in negotiation, team-building, communication and problem solving


It didn’t feel like a lesson!” PlayGround participant

The children shone.”  Art teacher, Stebon Primary School

Project Costs:

From £260 per session + transportation of toolkit (based on one half day workshop @ £135 + £75 planning meeting + £50 hire fee)

Costs vary dependent on the number of groups or sessions

If you are interested in finding out more about Playground, get in touch at