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Bow Bonfire Night: Film Screening of Fahrenheit 451

Thursday, November 5, 2015
Opening Hours: 
The Nunnery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

Join us on bonfire night for this special screening of 1960s classic Fahrenheit 451, artist Willem Weismann will introduce the film in relation to his current exhibition of paintings Alphabet Soup. 

£4 Tickets available at Eventbrite 

With Carmelite cafe offering warm drinks, bonfire themed nibbles, provocative paintings, and a screening of the 1966 classic film Fahrenheit 451!

About the Film:

Based on Ray Bradbury’s 1951 novel Fahrenheit 451, the film of the same name takes place in a society where books are banned by the government in an attempt to prevent independent thinking. The film follows a book burning fire fighter who begins to questions the government’s motives behind the ban on books and their control on information.

About the Exhibition/ Event:

Winner of the East London Painting Prize 2015 Willem Weismann’s exhibition Alphabet Soup is currently on view at the Nunnery Gallery. In his exhibition Weismann explores the similarities between the introspective privacy of reading books and the personal experience of painting practice. Weismann states that, “There are similarities between books and painting. Both are a communication of information, and both are physical objects which are pushed to the side in an increasingly digital age, where everything is becoming virtual and weightless”.  Willem’s work is a return to a way of wondering about the world that is personal; beyond merely interpreting data and collating information and towards knowing the importance of a story.

In screening Fahrenheit 451 alongside Weismann’s work, one is asked to reflect on their own consumption of information in our media saturated world. 

The exhibition will be open at 6pm.