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Should art be used as a tool for sustainability?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Opening Hours: 
7-9pm (exhibition open from 6pm)
The Nunnery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

As part of Bow Arts’ striving for environmental awareness within the arts, Nunnery Gallery will host a panel event alongside the exhibition Plastic Vanitas asking the wider questionShould arts be used as a tool for sustainability? This will be accompanied by a screening ofFor Now We See (2013), a series of films by Neudecker that look at our impact on the environment in collaboration with Marine Biologist Alex Rogers, produced by Alice Sharp.

Tickets available on Eventbrite

Mariele Neudecker’s series of photographic works Plastic Vanitas, developed as part of a residency at the Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP), runs at the Nunnery Gallery from 15 January to 27 March 2016. More on the exhibition.

Panel speakers 

Alice Sharp (chair), Invisible Dust
Mariele Neudecker
Fiona Fieber, Head of Learning, Space, White Building
Judith Knight, Director, Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios
Susan Lambert, Director, Museum of Design in Plastics