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one to eight

'one to eight'
     Artists Louise Evans and Michael McManus present a collaborative exhibition addressing key
concepts in painting. Both artists engage in similar concerns within their practice but set about
exploring them in different ways. They deal with paintings as objects in space, highlighting the
importance of the materials used and the processes considered.
     Evans' abstract, post-minimalist pieces do not represent but become objects in themselves. The
paintings are placed into spaces to have a dialogue with an audience and with each other. It is
within the space that this narrative takes place. McManus presents works that engage with the
materiality of paint alongside digital processes. The painted virtual spaces underpin a more formal
investigation of an abstract pictorial space.
     The decision-making and differing approaches to engaging with the physical qualities of the
medium is apparent in both works. Evans uses various devices and tools to apply paint to the
canvas whereas, McManus uses digital technology to assist and manipulate ideas within the
painting process.
     Both artists convey the transformative nature of painting through surface, light and setting. An
illusion of surface is created either through a build-up of layers varying in colour or through
translucent washes of paint on perspex and aluminium. This representation of luminosity is integral
to both artists’ works. Neither are concerned with documenting an illusion of a light source from
outside the picture plane, instead they present a light that appears to radiate from behind.
'one to eight' is the result of a six month period, demonstrating ideas and visual conversations that
took place between the artists.
The private view will be on Thursday 13th August 6-9pm
The exhibition will run from Friday 7th to Saturday 15th August. Opening hours are Tuesday- Saturday, 10-5pm.