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London's Artist Quarter

London’s Artist Quarter newsletter

London is known worldwide as an exciting and vibrant cultural capital, boasting a huge range of opportunities for artists, creatives and arts organisations. At Bow Arts, we’re keen to share these with London’s art community and promote the fantastic work they do.

In May 2022 we will launch the London Artist Quarter newsletter, sharing a range of opportunities, events and exhibitions, in tandem with our London’s Artist Quarter Twitter account. Sign up today to get the latest opportunities straight to your inbox from 18th March 2022 .

You can also share any upcoming events, exhibitions, workshops or opportunities with us by using our online form.

The newsletter will replace Bow Arts’ microsite, London’s Artist Quarter, which is scheduled for closure on 16th February 2022. If you currently have a profile on the London Artist Quarter website and there’s content you would like to retain, you will have until 15th February 2022 to log in and download or copy this material. The London’s Artist Quarter website was set up to support and promote London’s artists and creatives, so while we’re continuing this mission, we’re changing our approach based on the feedback we’ve received from artists and creative networks.

So if you are a creative practitioner or an arts organisation or just interested in the arts and culture this newsletter is for you. Sign up today.