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''Pour, Stitch, Press, Repeat''

Pour, Stitch, Press, Repeat brings together the work of four artists Gayathri Anand, Liza Mackintosh, Charlotte Munro and Rose Parker. All of their practices operate in the field of painting and hold strong connections to process and mark making. Each artist has a distinct relationship with the way in which they use and respond to marks and gestures. However, the forms and shapes present in the works are not defined by the landscapes they are situated in, but by the boundaries of their own space.


Gayathri Anand’s practice forms a balancing act between opposing elements: the 2D and 3D; mechanical and gestural; positive and negative; containment and expression; physical surfaces and imagined spaces. In her work, the application of expanding foam or the pouring of paint creates situations where materials act on their own accord. In contrast, control is regained through automatic drawing.

Liza Mackintosh’s works are an investigation into the unwinding of natural processes she observes in natural forms. Carving, stitching and drawing line onto various surfaces, Liza attempts to examine the cyclic qualities of nature. Seeking to understand repetitive qualities and patterns discovered both in landscape and magnified spaces.

Charlotte Munro’s paintings explore combinations of order and intuition, harmonising a pastel colour palette with expressionist gestures. She creates busy quality and questions how the calligraphic can develop within a dialogue of ambiguous scribbles and marks.

Rose Parker’s work investigates how language can be reused and reinvented to bring to light the unseen aspects of text. Aiming to experiment with the organic and versatile act of writing. These works are based on categorised words used to discuss art in her notebooks.


Private View: (all invited) Thursday 7th April 6 pm – 9pm
Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm
Sunday 10am – 1pm