A monotone photograph of a bath, a white liquid drips down the side of the bath

Eric Fong

Eric Fong, studio holder at our Stratford studio site, works across disciplines often combining a range of media.

My practice is driven by my interest in the juncture between art and science, informed by my experience as a former medical doctor. I work in a range of media, including photography, film, sculpture and installation.

“My work is research-based and concept-driven, and often involves multidisciplinary collaboration.”

– Eric Fong

My recent works focus on forensic anthropology and crime scene investigation. Working with forensic anthropologists at two UK universities, I conducted archive research and attended lectures, seminars and workshops in laboratories and off-site locations. Inspired by film noir, black and white crime scene photographs from mid-century police archives, and insight gained from my research and collaboration, my recent works explore traces of physical presence, markers of absence and loss, and entropy. 

I have exhibited my work across the UK and internationally, including Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York; Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest; and Creekside Open, London. One of my works is in the Arts Council England Collection and I was longlisted for Aesthetica Art Prize 2021 and included in the Future Now anthology



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