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Targeted Interventions - Raising Aspirations


School Improvement:

The Arts:

Intervention Programme | Raised Attainment

  • Targeted learner groups: tackling underachievement and disengagement
  • KS3 interventions
  • KS4 alternative curriculum
  • Raise attainment
  • Encourage independent learning and support individual enquiry

Skills Development | Qualification

  • Accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework at Levels 1, 2 or 3 (level 3 studies carrying 35 UCAS points)
  • Skills-based programmes – drawing, painting, collage, 3D, photography etc
  • Exhibitions for school and artworks for students to take home



The KS3 intervention programme is designed to re-engage students in their learning and school and tackle underachievement. It provides a structured framework of arts experiences, based around the Arts Award qualification. The programme includes working with artists to undertake: individual art projects; research into artists and their work; leadership activities; and gallery/studio visits. It provides opportunities for students to direct elements of their own learning based on individual interests. The programme can also be run as an alternative curriculum provision at KS4.


  • To re-engage students in their learning and school
  • To develop students’ confidence, self-esteem and raise aspirations
  • To reduce exclusions and improve behaviour
  • To raise attainment
  • To identify progression routes for learners in the arts

Illustrative Outputs:

  • A series of artist-led workshops in school
  • Participants gain qualifications through Arts Award
  • Original artworks – 2D, 3D or digital (dependent on chosen artform/s)
  • Student leadership activities with peers or another group
  • Artist-led Gallery/Studio visit
  • An exhibition of the students’ work for peers, families and the wider school community

Outcomes and Impact (taken from two Y9 Intervention Programmes):

  • 100% of participants learnt new skills
  • 100% of participants gained an additional accredited qualification at Level 1 or 2 (Bronze or Silver Arts Awards)
  • 100% of participants chose GCSE Art following the intervention
  • 100% of participants remained in school, with no temporary or permanent exclusions during or since the programme
  • 100% of participants reported gaining confidence in their own creative abilities


"There was a definite growth in confidence and maturity in the Year 9s. They followed their own individual interests and challenges and developed their work to a high standard." Artist

"It is absolutely fantastic that all the students involved were successful in achieving the Arts Award.  The girls really enjoyed it and I fully believe that participation in the Arts Award has raised their achievement, self-esteem and indeed their awareness of the wider community.  The girls particularly enjoyed visiting the artist studios at Bow Arts and having the opportunity to communicate with artists and learn first hand about their life and work." Head of Art 

"Behaviour is much better since the project." Teacher

"The girls gained valuable skills in communication as part of their leadership sessions – teaching a new found skill to others. They also very successfully organised a group exhibition of their work, learnt new skills about working in a team and the practical issues involved in curating and assembling an exhibition." Artist

“There is clear evidence of quality arts activity, inspiring journeys, and the young people talked passionately about their Arts Award experience.” External Moderator

Further Ideas:

- Exhibiting work in a community centre, local library, local shops or other community setting

- Support students to lead short activities for their parents to share their learning

Project Costs:

From £1,910 per term + materials (based on 11 sessions @ £135 + planning meeting @ £75 + moderation @ minimum £350). Costs vary dependant on the number of participants or sessions


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