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The Rum Factory

The Rum Factory is sadly closing towards the end of May 2018. With an eclectic mix of artists, makers and designers this has been a hub of creativity with brilliant Open Studios events taking place each year. Studio members have put on a wide range of activities and public events in the Project Space here and we have enjoyed seeing a high level of networking and collaboration between members onsite. We have a few studios available up until the end of May, if you are interested in a short-term studio please register with us and check our availability page. 


We have been welcoming artists into these studios since our launch in June 2015, the year of Bow Arts 20th Anniversary! The studios consist of 90 affordable studios, housing around 100 artists, in a 200 year old rum warehouse situated in the historic London Dock.

We have a range of studio sizes within the building, these start from small units of approximately 90 square feet / 8.3 square metres up to larger spaces of approximately 400 square feet / 37.2 square metres

The studios are based on our successful evolving model of studio spaces that provide natural communication and ease of communication and (dreadful overused word - but good concept) networking between studio occupants. We based the design of these studios on our successful SE1 Studios in Bermondsey which we ran from 2010 to 2015. Feedback from artists was used to improve the layout and build concept, which in essence is an interlinked series of individual spaces that allow each user their own clearly defined space of work with a good sense of 'private space' without being shut away behind closed doors. We think it's a great model as working in a studio all day can be a solitary activity, and being able to meet and speak other artists easily is just one reason people choose to have studios with us.

PSW Project Space

The Rum Factory is home to the PSW  Project space, a first for Bow Arts, which is available at very heavily subsidised rates for studio users to use for short term projects such as filming or photographing work, artists exhibitions, short term residencies, to host a talk, or just try something different that won't work in your studio. This is a mix of Bow Arts instigated events and uses and artist led initiatives. The space is in constant use and one of the most affordable of its kind in London.

We have produced a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the studios that will be useful for any artists or designers interested in a space at this building.

Please email with any enquiries.

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The Rum Factory, Bow Arts, Unit 4 Pennington Street Warehouse, Pennington Street, London E1W 2BD

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