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Arts Award Primary


Bow Arts Learning provides an accredited Arts Award Adviser/Lead Artist to deliver a structured programme of creative arts activities, tailored to the individual needs and interests of the participants in the group. The framework of the programme varies at each level of the award, but broadly covers:

  •  participating in arts activities
  •  researching artists and their work
  •  sharing their arts discoveries

Arts Award Discover and Explore are the primary-focused programmes of the Arts Award. Discover is designed for ages 5-9 and Explore is designed for ages 7-11, and there is no entry requirement to take part.

Suggested guided learning hours at each level of the award are:

20 - Discover                            35 – Explore                  

Arts Award can be delivered as an alternative curriculum programme, as part of core curriculum delivery or as an after school, holiday or enrichment activity.

School Improvement:

Curriculum Programme | Raising Attainment

  • Alternative curriculum provision with a targeted learner group or whole class group – KS1 or KS2
  • Can target specific learner groups: underachieving groups; higher achievers; young people with Special Educational Needs
  • Supports independent learning and progression

The Arts:

Skills Development | Qualifications

  • Skills-based programmes, including elements of leadership, research and investigation
  • Supports Artsmark applications
  • Artist Studio and/or Gallery visits

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Artist-led workshop sessions in school
  • Original artworks – 2D, 3D and/or digital artworks
  • Student leadership activities with peers or another group
  • Gallery or artist studio visit
  • Student exhibition or showcase

Outcomes and Impact (taken from a recent KS2 targeted Programme):

  • 100% of participants enjoyed the project
  • 100% of participants demonstrated new skills in the creation of original artwork


"We have learnt a variety of things including creative photo sculpture. I learnt how to work with new people." KS2 Participant

“There were developments in practical skills from all students in the group. This was most clearly seen in during the presentation of work to other students and teachers on the final day where the children involved in the project were able to confidently talk about their sculptures, processes of casting, and materials we had used." KS2 Teacher

Project Costs:

From £1,965 + materials (based on five workshop days @£270 + two co-ordination, assessment and moderation days + planning @ £75) + registration and moderation costs – approx. £27 per young person

Costs vary dependent on the number of young people and workshop sessions

If you are interested in finding out more about our Arts Award offer, get in touch at