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Creative Literacy


Inspire creative teaching and learning in literacy through artist-led workshops. Projects enable pupils to explore literacy through hands on, applied activities that make their learning effective, engaging and fun.

Example activities include:

  • Book Art – the creation of artist books that incorporate text to communicate stories, emotions, aspirations or ideas.
  • Signwriting and murals – creating large-scale typography and text to communicate key messages around a chosen theme. For example, a playground mural that describes positive attitudes towards learning.
  • Illustrated books or stories – creating original illustrated or photographic stories that bring together visuals and text.
  • Working from artworks – using original artworks as a stimulus for literacy, the creation of narrative, characters, dialogue and story-making. Link your project to your Bow Arts studio or gallery visit.
  • Letter and word recognition – an alphabet series with illustrated objects, displayed in the classroom, around school or playground. Work on painted panels, banners or flags.
  • Animation + Film – stop frame animations that support literacy through the creation of narratives, storyboards and scripting. Children learn how to develop scripts, before recording their dialogue to accompany their film. Films can be linked to any classroom topic, or a reinterpretation of a story or poem.

School Improvement:

Curriculum Programmes

  • Raised attainment
  • Develop speaking and listening skills
  • Inspire creative writing
  • Create teaching resources

The Arts:

Skills Development

  • Skills development – illustration, typography, drawing, painting, animation, filmmaking etc
  • Creative writing, poetry and storymaking
  • Professional Development opportunities

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Artist-led workshop sessions
  • Opportunities for exhibitions, screening or displays
  • Creation of teaching resources
  • Creation of original artworks


“Bow Arts projects develop students’ speaking and listening skills and reinforce wider literacy learning through art and design.”  Ofsted Report

“We hoped to inspire staff to begin taking art as a serious subject and to find ways of linking it to the children’s writing. It worked brilliantly.”  Headteacher

“These sessions have really given the students confidence in their writing and abilities to tell a story” Deputy Headteacher

“Writing stories makes my imagination go wild!”  Year 4 pupil

Project Costs:

From £885 + materials (based on three workshop days @ £270 + planning meeting @ £75).
Costs vary dependent on the type of project, number of participants, workshop days or sessions

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